health service provider

A health service provider is defined as a person or organization that takes care of your health and provides health care services to you

Surgical Facilities

Allow patients to receive certain surgical procedures outside a hospital environment

Dental Services

Discipline of dentistry that focuses on alignment of the jaws

Orthopaedic surgeons

Treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Physician Consultation

physician provides medical treatment, prescribe medicines and guide for nutritional requirements

Nursing Procedures

Operation Theater

Early dedicated rooms for surgical procedures were called operating theaters because they literally were theaters, built in a gallery style for public observation

Cardiac Services

Cardiac Services is part of Medical Health care facility. Where the Cardiac Services is porvided

Any type of health service is provided by some type of health care provider. There are different types of health service providers. Some non- physician examples of health service providers include; physical therapist, visiting nurse, first aid, pharmacy, laboratory, speech therapist, hospital, clinic, and urgent care center. Whereas health care professionals who practice health care are doctors, nurses, medical staffs, counselors, psychologists etc. In other words, health services providers can be defined as any institutions or professionals who deliver health services to people. Health care facilities can be associated with public and private hospitals and clinics. Hospital is a major health service provider which provides preventive, diagnostic, and rehabilitative treatment to patients. Health care services are delivered by specialists associated with different health care providers. There are different types of health services providers ranging from medical doctors to nurses, pharmacists, and specialists. However, delivering quality health services is very crucial.