Health Education

“The education about human health or which is related to health sector is known as health education. Health education is a discipline which educates people about health.”

It is an apt to say that “Health is wealth” because health is a state of being free from all diseases including physical and psychological as well as from any kind of illness or malfunction and weakness. In other words, “a state of well being or proper balance of physical and mental condition is called health”. Education is a process of learning facts, skills, knowledge and ideas. There are two types of education; formal and informal. Education is an art of imparting knowledge and moral values in individuals. It is a continuous, long lasting and never ending process, free from person age constraints. Good education is indispensable or crucial for any society.

Health is wealth
Health Education

Description and explanation

Health education helps students to build their knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about health. It teaches individuals about physical, mental, and emotional health. It encourages and stimulates learning process in students. It supports and motivates students to improve and maintain their health as well as teaches how to prevent from diseases. Health education based programs enhance wellness by educating people about chronic diseases, mental illness, behavioral health, oral health, basic nutrition, and physical activity. They teach students about injury, violence, obesity prevention and tobacco use. Overall, health education helps in enhancing quality of life and improving human health. Health education has a vast goal of promoting health as well as preventing diseases, disabilities, and premature death through imparting education- driven behaviors and activities. Health education is a principle by which individuals learn to behave, promote, maintain or restore health.